What is Bladder Botox?

Botulism toxin has become a popular form of treatment for overactive bladders. When other medications can not control a bladder enough, Bladder Botox may be used. Bladder Botox is a less invasive treatment which is injected into the nerve endings and can be used in the bladder, urethra or both. Botox will be inserted by means of a cystoscopy (camera via the urethra). Bladder Botox blocks the nerve endings that usually react to the bladder filling up which in turn stops the nerve signals entering the nervous system and this stops the bladder from contracting.

How effective is Bladder Botox?

Many people can see positive results to treatment within just seven days, and the results of Bladder Botox can last up to six months without any further treatments. Those who find the treatment successful may also find that the bladder does not react enough to the urine within, which may cause further issues such as Urinary Retention and residual urine. This can be resolved by the use of Intermittent Self Catheterisation. Bladder Botox can help people manage their bladder, stop urine pressure from building up, and therefore delay the return of the bladder over activity or incontinence.