As a professional urology healthcare provider, you want the best for your patient who is experiencing continence issues. Our intermittent catheters are easy to manage, reliable and cost effective.

When teaching ISC you want your patients and their carers to have confidence that the products they use are comfortable and are easy to insert and remove. Our ISC catheters have been manufactured with all that in mind. We have researched the various conditions that require catheterisation and have produced a range of catheters to meet those needs.

At Hunter Urology we have produced a selection of innovative products that focus soley on ISC/CIC. Our products include:

  • Patented Aloe original within our hydrophilic coating - Aloe Original / Aloe Hydro / Aloe Meatal
  • Bespoke tip for use with reconstructed bladders and enlarged prostates - Huntercath
  • A 100% biodegradable catheter - Emteva

Hunter Urology offers a quick and reliable delivery service via courier. Samples requested before 1pm will be delivered the next working day. We also work with Fittleworth Home Delivery Service who deliver directly to patients who use Prescription Direct.  These issues are important in helping us to provide a fully rounded service.