huntercath catheter

HunterCath is a non-coated DEHP free catheter with a smooth flexible tip.

  • Flexible tip to aid insertion, suitable for all users
  • 4 eyelets on SCM14 for superior drainage
  • Particularly favoured by those with reconstructive/Mitrofanoff surgery


The superb feature of the HunterCath is the flexible tip. This ISC catheter can be used for a variety of patients who have difficulty with urethral insertion. Also suits those with a Continence Urinary Diversion also known as a Mitrofanoff, or for men with enlarged prostates.

The eyelets have been developed so they are smooth and rounded which makes the catheter easy to insert and remove.

The SCM14 has four eyelets for superior urinary and mucus drainage.

Click here for instructions for use (male)

Click here for instructions for use (female)

Click here to download the Hunter Urology product brochure


Code Type Charriere size Length Pack size
SCP06 Paediatric 06ch (2.0mm) 30cm 30
SCP08 Paediatric 08ch (2.7mm) 30cm 30
SCP10 Paediatric 10ch (3.3mm) 30cm 30
SCF08 Female 08ch (2.7mm) 18cm 30
SCF10 Female 10ch (3.3mm) 18cm 30
SCF12 Female 12ch (4.0mm) 18cm 30
SCF14 Female 14ch (4.7mm) 18cm 30
SCM10 Male 10ch (3.3mm) 40cm 30
SCM12 Male 12ch (4.0mm) 40cm 30
*SCM14 Male 14ch (4.7mm) 40cm 30
SCM16 Male 16ch (5.3mm) 40cm 30

*4 smooth eyelets for superior drainage on codes SCM14

HunterCath video