Aloe Hydro is a DEHP free, hydrophilic, self-lubricating catheter perfect for those who enjoy a busy lifestyle and do not always have access to clean water.

  • Natural water based hydrophilic coating containing Aloe Vera
  • Slippery coating and smooth eyelets ensure easy insertion and removal
  • Includes an easy to open water sachet

Aloe Hydro allows people to relieve their bladders using a catheter without the need for a separate lubricating gel. The hydrophilic Aloe Vera coating turns slippery when it comes into contact with water, meaning that users can use it on the go with minimal fuss.

To activate the coating, carefully fold the catheter at the base of the funnel until the water sachet breaks.  Wait 30 seconds to allow the hydrophilic coating to activate fully. 

This ready for use ISC catheter combines comfort and convenience, whether you’re at home or not.

Click here for instructions for use (male)

Click here for instructions for use (female)

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Code Type Charriere size Length Pack size
AHP06 Paediatric 06ch (2.0mm) 30cm 30
AHP08 Paediatric 08ch (2.7mm) 30cm 30
AHP10 Paediatric 10ch (3.3mm) 30cm 30
AHF08 Female 08ch (2.7mm) 18cm 30
AHF10 Female 10ch (3.3mm) 18cm 30
AHF12 Female 12ch (4.0mm) 18cm 30
AHF14 Female 14ch (4.7mm) 18cm 30
AHM08 Male 10ch (3.3mm) 40cm 30
AHM10 Male 12ch (4.0mm) 40cm 30
AHM12 Male 14ch (4.7mm) 40cm 30
AHM14 Male 16ch (5.3mm) 40cm 30