Bladder problems, whatever the cause, can have an impact on family and social life.

When you cannot empty your bladder in the normal way or have urethral strictures, you will need an alternative solution and help with continence care. Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC) also known as Clean Intermittent Catheterisaion (CIC) is the most gentle solution. With the help of your healthcare professional, you can learn to perform ISC. As you become more confident in emptying your bladder, you will regain control which will have a positive impact on your everyday life. 

Hunter Urology has designed Intermittent catheters with your needs in mind:

  • A range of diameter (Charriere/CH also known as French Gauge/FR) sizes
  • Funnel for connection to a drainage bag
  • Bespoke tip for use with reconstructed bladders and enlarged prostates
  • Intermittent catheters which are comfortable to use and are easy to insert and remove
  • A discreet and reliable home delivery service using Prescription Direct
  • Dilatation catheters to help you remove uretheral strictures
  • All our catheters are available on prescription in the UK, and on medical schemes in some other countries including the GMS in the Republic of Ireland

With support from your healthcare professional and the correct ISC catheter, you will soon learn to self catheterise and take control.