Please see below for answers to our frequently asked questions:

Prescription Direct is the name of the Prescription delivery service. For more details please refer to the delivery tab by clicking here, or call 01392 340169

It may feel a little uncomfortable until you get used to it. After no time at all, most patients find it second nature to use our catheters

All of our catheters are designed to be used anywhere, easily and discreetly. Some come with handy water sachets, or can be used with water-based lubrication. You need to follow the instructions given to you by your urology nurse specialist and importantly, read the instructions for use regards to the catheters you’re using.

Many of our catheters are designed with function and cognitive needs in mind. Our Emtevapure has a large grip handle, which makes it easier to locate.

If you can find a safe and private spot, our Aloe Hydro and Aloe Hydro + include a water sachet as part of the product. This is easy to use and means you can use a catheter nearly anywhere! Many of our products do not need water and can be used with a water-based lubricant.

The procedure is taught by a clinical nurse specialist, usually at an out-patient clinic. They will ensure you know how to use your catheter safely and correctly.

This varies from person to person and their needs. Some people feel the sensation of when to urinate and others don’t. You just need to find a way that works for you and take the advice from your nurse specialist.

Prices range from catheter to catheter. As a patient, you can usually get them on prescription free of charge. Our water soluble catheter EmtevaPure is one of the cheapest products available on prescription.

Hunter Urology have just launched a brand new water soluble product called EmtevaPure. The whole catheter can be flushed down the toilet and the packaging is recyclable.

Most patients perform the procedure in their own home environment; therefore, incidents of urinary tract infection are very small. If you think you have any symptoms however, contact your clinician immediately.

All of our catheter sizes are an international standard. Our size guide is available online.

No. Our catheters are the only catheters which have added aloe vera into their coating. Aloe vera has natural properties and great benefits.

Yes. Our most popular uncoated catheter HunterCath has a unique, flexible tip for ease of insertion.

Some patients produce a lot of mucus which can sometimes block the eyelets. The 4 holes aid with drainage.

Yes we stock all sizes for male, female, and paediatric.