Hunter Urology is a British company that focuses on continence care for patients. Our focus is on Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC) / Clean Intermittent Catheterisation (CIC) for patients and Urology Healthcare Providers.

Our products are made with end users' interests in mind. They enable patients, in the most comfortable way possible, to drain their bladder or help them with the reduction of urethral strictures.

All our products are available on prescription in the UK, and can be found on many different countries' medical schemes eg. GMS in the Republic of Ireland. Click here to download Hunter Urology product brochure.


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  • Dorte's eigth post

    Dear Reader It has been a while since I last wrote, but you have been on my mind. I had an experience where things easily could have gone very wrong, and I came to think of how life can change in a split second. How the world can tumble and how everything and anything never can be the same again. Perhaps it is due to a moment’s unawareness… A miscalculation of consequences or perhaps the moment where the truth and reality of a sickness strikes the mind and you know – Nothing is ever going to be the same again… ...

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  • Dorte's Seventh Post

    Dear Reader I will now let you in on a secret. When the nerves to my bladder were damaged during cancer surgery, I was 28, and left incontinent. That meant that I could not get rid of my urine in a normal way any longer. When a person is incontinent, there is a very large risk of leakage, because the overfilled bladder can no longer hold back on the urine. So running, dancing, walking always involved a risk of... ...

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  • Dorte's Sixth Post

    Dear Reader Summer time is upon us, and we meet friends and family, fly to foreign countries. We lie on the beach, visit cities, go hiking, camping and sailing. Summer time is the time when we relax and when we do something different from our everyday life. For some people it is hard to do different from the everyday life, because they have a condition where they depend on the routines and the safety that surrounds those routines. I could easily have been one of those people that had to say ‘Thanks – but no thanks’... ...

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